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Problem with body work

I have an issue with BMW and thought I would post it here to see if I am overreacting in being upset and if I should pursue it further.
In October, I was rear ended by a taxi. I called the BMW dealership and they referred me to their body shop. I got an estimate 2 days later. When I got my estimate, I told them about an alert I continued to get about the restraint system. I was kind of blown off, but whatever. Four days later I set up the service and was told it would take 2-3 weeks to order the part. At this time I told them again about the restraint alert. Again, blown off ad told not a problem. I was told it would take 3 days to fix my car. When I dropped off the car, I again told them about the restraint alert. They acted as if they hadn't heard about it. The day my car was supposed to be done, they called me and told me They couldn't clear the alert and had to send it to BMW service and I could pick it up in two days. No big deal. When I was supposed to pick it up, they told me the headrests needed to be replaced because of a pyrotechnic device that deploys whenever there is a collision. They told me it would be another week to order the part. This estimate also turned out to be optimistic.
After they had my car for 3 weeks (on a 3 day repair, and six weeks after the accident) I sent an email expressing my displeasure to the GM of the dealership and the manager of the body shop. The cause of my unhappiness was that I felt they should have known about the headrest issue and ordered parts in the weeks I was waiting for service. I found out about the headrest issue with a five minute google search and figured a BMW shop should have known this would be an issue and even if not, if they had taken me seriously about the alert, they would have figured it out. I was also pissed that once they realized it would take MUCH longer than promised they should have offered me a loaner instead of the Chevy Impala they had me rent.
After I sent the email on Friday, I got a call saying the car would be ready Monday. It was and the work was good.
However, I never got a response from either manager I emailed. I think this is poor service and should have gotten at least a response and an apology. I think this and my previous experience is not fitting BMW service.
My car is back and I'm happy, but still pissed I got NO response from my email.

Should I just let this go and be happy I got my car back, or forward to BMW USA? Am I overreacting and expecting too much? What should I ask for to make me happy? I would be very interested in everyone's thoughts.