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Originally Posted by Franck_Qc View Post

And I don't understand why you want a space saver spare (mini spare), you can do exactly the same thing with a run flat tire. Roll on it to reach the next gas station.

RFT tire is designed to not need spare tire and give us the trouble to change it if there is a puncture.

That's two big trip (over 2000 miles each) I do, where the nearest BMW dealer is over 500 miles and no problem. No punctures either.

I see that there are people who are very insecure
Here is the problem with run flats, you run over a piece of metal and the tire immediately loses all air pressure, the TPMS tells you this and you drive to the nearest tire shop. But you can only drive 50 miles on a deflated run flat and you need to replace it after doing so. The tire shop tells you it needs to order a new tire and it will take three days (could be much longer).

If you are close to home and have another car to drive, not so bad. If you are on a trip far from home, you will need to spend three days in a local motel or rent a car.

If the above scenario occurs and you have a space saver spare, you can change the tire and drive up to 500 miles on it. This is much less of a hassle.