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Originally Posted by docjamal
does any one a 19 inch wheel with the electronic damper control option?
i am about to order a car and love the look of the 19inch 309s. i am terrified of a hard ride so i was thinking of specifying the electronic damper control. am i doing the right thing? please help....i want to order in the morning.
The suspension soaks up bumps very well, but impact harshness will destroy the alignment of your spine. I would advise you to get rid of the run-flats and put regular tires on those 19's. The car will ride firmly but not stiffly after that. Still, the most frustrating aspect of its ride quality is that you go over lips and frost heaves and there's so much impact, but then the suspension floats along like nothing ever happened. The car doesn't deserve to ride as hard as the wheels make it.