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Originally Posted by thecam View Post
But it is not normal! Dashboard and navi are in dayli mode
The light sensor has multiple stages. When it starts to get darker in the day but there is still visible daylight, the lights are activates with no changes in the dash lighting. This is when you want the visibility of headlights (without glare of DRL's) but don't want to dim the dash too much yet.

As it gets darker the computer will sense this and will change the instrument display and NAV into night mode (NAV shows a starry night and messages change from white to orange).

So, yes, this is all normal. It's well known the headlights are set a little too sensitive by the computer and they tend to come on too early, but it's not a big issue. BMW engineering paranoia? Mistake? Who knows? Most of us have simply learned to live with it. Season can effect the light sensor as well since it's more based on radiation from the sun than simply visible light.
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