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Originally Posted by 5mph View Post
Visibility pack - adaptive headlamps are good for country lanes, headlamp assist works surprisingly well.

Didnt get run flats because ride felt much better without but if I have a puncture bet I will regret. Dont mind not having Spare Wheel, on last X3 couldnt get a wheel off when I had a puncture because alloy or wheel had "welded" to steel of brake housing, garage had to use sledge on it - which I couldnt do with the car up on a BMW jack.
Adaptive headlights only swivel up to a set speed, I think it's approx 40mph. So not much help when pushing on but very good at low speed particularly where there are no street lights.

You can buy a plug kit, tyre sealant and a compressor and store it in the boot for peace of mind.

With regards to the wheel being effectively welded to the hubs. Did you use BMW for servicing? They don't bother to remove wheels as part of a service and this is the result. Most good independents do remove wheels as a matter of course to prevent.