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Originally Posted by nyalpine90 View Post
i would never trade in a car for a lease option. your pretty much on the losing side and giving them a car for nothing smh.

keep the car and lease the x3 or trade in the car and finance the x3

u can even sell the car and have $16gs in ur pocket with new x3 lease.
I agree, mostly. I probably wasn't clear on what is going on. The '07 328xi is a CPO vehicle that I still owe $14K on. As it is 6 years old and 70K miles, I figure that in the remaining two years of payments something is going to go wrong.

BMW is offering $16K Cash (net $2K) for the car. I will not be rolling it into the lease, but putting it into my pocket.

As the lease payments for the 36 months on the X3 are actually $30/month lower, I figure that I am driving a new car, facing $0 maintenance, and maybe paying a small premium.

At the end of 3 years, I would own the 328xi outright (1 year with no payments), it is probably worth about $10K at that point, but also figure about $2K in annual maintenance. That means over 3 years I would get a net $6K from the car.

For the lease, I get $2K from the 328xi now, and then pay about $6K the third year (when I would have no payments on the 328xi). So effectively I am paying $4K to drive the new car for a few years.

Also, the coupe is getting too small... and has a few things (like slightly bent rims and rock chips) that are driving me crazy. I know I am paying a premium to drive something new/nice, but also taking out the risk of bigger mechanical needs.