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Originally Posted by lbjgh View Post
I wasn't offered any 'additional' incentive over my negotiations when I purchased. The sales guy knew we were moving from Acura/Honda to BMW.

As a sidebar scotta2, how did the XC60 compare to the X3. That car (T6) was actually #2 on my shopping list.
I have to say that the Volvo was a fairly decent car, the 5 cylinder twin turbo diesel produced 205BHP (now 215). The model I owned was an R Design SE premium geartronic and was loaded with extras. This was my first venture into a non germanic marque and I felt that although it was indeed an excellent car it lacked the engineering quality I was used to. The plastics were slightly inferior as was the sat nav and gearbox. The running costs were significantly higher interms of servicing and fuel consumption. Volvo demands an annual service irrespective of milage covered!!

The X 3 2.0Ltr diesel is remarkable in that it is powerful, efficient and produces the lowest emissions in its class. The 8 speed automatic transmission is also streets ahead of the Volvo.

In essence I would say that having owned and used both I think you have undoubtedly opted for the best.