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X3 Winter performance

I've been the owner of my F25 M Sport for 4 weeks and now that the frosty mornings are here have been using the defrost equipment. Initial observations are that the engine heats up very quickly compared to my previous Volvo XC60. Heated seats are excellent and the front window defrosts in no time at all. One slight critisim is that the rear window defrosting element only works on the area of the wiper sweep and leaves a significant part of the rear screen frosted. Not sure why this is the case as the cost of routing the heating elements across the whole screen would not be significant so is it some kind of design feature?

I've yet to test the capability of the AWD system in the snow and have decided not to fit snow tyres (hoping thats not a mistake). It would be interesting to hear how everyone else feels about the car.

BTW The active bendy xenons are excellent as is the high beam assistance.