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Don't despair that this subject keeps rearing its head. There have been similar discussions about the 5-series suspensions and packages.

There was confusion, due to the toggle switch having comfort and sport listed. Plus the fact even without DDC, switching to sport 'tightened' the chassis. I'm sure some are still convinced they have DDC, even though they don't have the hardware. Yes, the opinion was that strong, as if the suspension had some active components, without buying the active suspension packages.

tango131, and the pictures... you X3 guys get a single proportional valve on your struts. We 5-series guys get the full ZF Sachs CDCe package with two proportional valves, one for compression and one for rebound damping. Makes the system even more advanced and controlled. Plus the extra 'normal' base setting on the toggle switch, gives us three distinctive suspension modes ahead of sport+.