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Originally Posted by lbjgh View Post
OK, you guys are killing me!

Look at the filthy picture below... there is a physical electrical connection to a cylindrical piece attached perpendicular to the strut. If your car does not have this (because you didn't pay for the OPTION) the suspension is not adjustable.

Don't believe the picture? Read what BMW says on their site (next image).

Now if you don't get it yet, have a look at the video I took from my car which IS equipped with the OPTIONAL dynamic dampers. You will note that when the "Driving Experience Control" button is activated (located beside the shifter -next picture), sport mode permits a selection of sport settings for the dampers and steering and/or just the drive-train.

Just to back this up- I didn't go for the Dynamic Dampers (because I couldn't get a road test). When I select Sport Mode- I just get the option of showing Sport Display- nothing more.
If I go for another BMW after the current X3 I'll probably give Dynamic Dampers a go- hopefully they'll be standard by then