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Originally Posted by SoDigito View Post
1) The button to switch between eco pro, comfort, sport and sport+ is called the Driving Experience Switch, which is a less confusing name. I think this switch also adjusts the suspension. My 2013 X3 35i with SAP feels tighter when I put it in sport/sport+ mode. It could be just the steering, but I think it's suspension as well.

I don't know if the Driving Experience switch comes standard. I drove an X3 back in September at the Performance Delivery Center that did not come with this feature. Maybe that was an older car and this feature was not standardized yet.

2) The SAP package also add style 309 19" wheels.

3) The sport seats between the M-sport package and SAP are the same.

4) The Dynamic Damping Control has nothing to do with the Driving Experience Switch. It is a set of sensors placed at each wheel that continuously and individually adjust the suspension every 2.5 milliseconds to meet road conditions, regardless of driving mode selected with the Driving Experience Switch. This has been said many times before, the only way to get the dynamic damping control is to add DHP. It cost $1300 with M-sport package, $1400 without.
You say you have SAP, I see the configurator doesn't allow the DHP option when you opt for SAP. Is that correct?

If so, you don't have the option for DDC with SAP, from how the configurator works. Is that correct? Again if so, no active suspension features on your car. Any 'tightening up' is steering influenced.

DDC does interact with the Driving Experience Switch, it sets the base mode for the active suspension. Assuming the chassis is configued in iDrive, when switching the comfort to sport mode, the suspension settings will change comfort to sport bias.


EDIT: I've tried the configurator again.... I see you can have SAP and DHP... therefore if you have both, you do have DDC.

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