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Originally Posted by BeeMdblU View Post
I know a lot of people gave you compliments about your wheels, but they gotta go I'm really sorry but black wheels are a waste of money, might as well go with steelies cause you cant tell the difference. the point of wheels is to define a car and give it the extra oomph specially low profiles, but what we do is is hide the whole thing and paint it black to match the tires. find a mate with a similar car parc face to face, snap a side pic and lets see which looks nicer.
No need to flame just voicing my opinion, to each his own.
Each to their own right!

I love the look of it, I specifically asked to have it done. I knew roughly what it would look like and I'm more than happy with it. My past cars have had the same treatment so I'm a bit of a sucker for it I guess.

Appreciate your opinion, but what you've said isn't a blanket theory for how people want their car to look or how it should look.