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Originally Posted by GeeRam View Post
It's not incorrect.

People got along just fine all those years ago (me included) without fake 4x4's.

Far too many people swallow the marketing crap that sees fit to dumb down the majority of the population into believing you 'need' a fake 4x4 to survive ....... and you really don't.
You're being intentionally obtuse in order to avoid being wrong. So far you've said that the "point" of 4x4 is to go off-road and that buying a 4x4, only to drive it on the road is like "buying a dog and barking yourself"; which is to say it's pointless.

Two things you're saying don't make sense:

1) 4x4 and AWD aren't the same thing. BMW doesn't make a true 4x4, but it's besides the point, because there's still a point to owning a 4x4 and driving it on-road only.

2) Just because you can "get by" without it doesn't make it pointless. I can "get by" riding a bicycle, but driving a car gets me there faster, and I'm not all sweaty when I arrive. An AWD car offers an improvement in stability and road holding under all conditions, and is especially advantageous in snow or ice.

That's the point.
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