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Originally Posted by nico007 View Post
I just got new winter wheels for the 35i. I ordered them on and went for the Anthracite Rial Salerno in 17" with LM50 Blizzak in 225/60R17.
They don't look as good as my 19" but I think it still looks fine. I am surprised by how it improved the comfort of the car and how quieter it is. Obviously the handling is degraded but it is still fine.
Total cost was $1500, the wheels arrived the next day and I can confirm 17" wheels fit on the 35i.
If only it could snow now...
Totally echo that. I'm running 235/50/R18s non-RFTs for winter. I cant believe how much softer the ride is vs the 19s. Not as fun to take twisties on but it is a more relaxing experience. Hitting bumps in the road is not the annoyance it is with the 19s. Bring on the snow!
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