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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
So we only have the one system in reality. Nothing has changed from releasing DDC (VDC).

Some seem to be separating the two functions 'driver and auto' as if we can option two suspension systems. Rather than 'driver adjustable' being a sub function of the DDC system.

And there was me beginning to think there was something new from BMW that I'd missed, being brought in under the wire in the US.

sort of. in the US, DDC on its own is just the switch next to the gear lever slector that allows the driver to adjust the transmission shifting mode (comfort, sport, sport plus) and steering mode (likewise), and also throtle sensitivity. this is the "drivetrain" part of the equation. the shifting and steering get progresively "harder" = more sporty as you click through frmo comfort to sport plus. in sport plus the transmission hold shifts at higher RPMS and the shift quality is "harsher" to give a sportier feel. the throttle feel is also amplified, so you get more "omph" and imediacy when the gas pedal is pressed. the inverse is "eco pro" which neuters throtle inputs and very quickly upshifts to the highest gear possible to save fuel.

the dynamic handlign package, which includes dynamic dampers (all US lingo), uses the same "switch" by the gear lever but adjusts -- in addition to the transmission/steering/throtle described above -- the suspension damping and firmness and ride quality. the package also let's you chose whether the click of the switch by the gear selector adjust: 1) the "drivetrain" (tranny/steering/throtle) only; 2) the chasis = suspension etc only; or 3) both chasis and drivetrain. For the "chasis" = suspension, "comfort" is what I call the buick mode (very comfortable and floaty), "sport" stiffens everything up to feel like a regualr 3 series bmw. "sport plus" feels like a sports suspension 3 series.
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