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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
So where does this "adaptive or driver adjustable dampers"???? terminology come from, to even be in the discussion. BMW only provide one active damping system as far as I know. I have DDC (VDC) in my 535i, it is fully active damping, but different base modes, as per driver toggle switch. In my car comfort, normal and sport. The system is the ZF Sachs CDC2e design/product.

My understanding, the X3 system is a lower level ZF Sachs CDC system with only one proportional valve per damper (like the F30/1 models), with 2 base modes, comfort and sport on the toggle switch. But both modes are fully active damping, not a fixed rate for either mode.

I sense there is some confusion on what DDC is all about, to some users.

HPete: the terms "adaptive or driver adjustable dampers" come from BMWs USA website (sort of anyway). with the DHP package in the US, the system -- when in "comfort mode" -- continuously adjusts the suspension to make it a comfortable ride. the adjustable part is that the driver can select from "comfort" , "sport" or "sport plus" settings, although some say the "sport plus" setting is the same suspension firmness of "sport" .


"Electronic Damping Control:

With just a press of a button, Electronic Damping Control allows you to activate any of the gear settings. Switching from NORMAL, SPORT, or SPORT+ only requires pressing the control button next to the gear lever. Once pushed, the engine responds spontaneously with our 8-speed automatic transmission Steptronic, increasing RPMs before quickly shifting into a new gear. In the end, it makes for a sportier suspension. [comment: this seems to be mostly drivetrain/tranny/steering related, which leads to confusion]
Electronic Damping Control uses data collected by sensors in the X3. It gathers readings about the position of the steering wheel, the strength of lateral forces, wheel rotation speeds and much more. The system then calculates the best setting for each individual wheel and continually adjusts its suspension accordingly [comment: this is the adaptive and adjustable part]. With Electronic Damping Control, the BMW X3 hugs every curve in the road while providing a comfortable and safe ride

All, see this see this video from BMW USA which explain in full the dynamic handling package and what it does (it takes a moment to load once you click link):

here is the link to the video manuals:
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