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Originally Posted by JC7727 View Post
So you are agreeing with M-Sport you can adjust the dampers from comfort to sport, they just donít adjust to the road conditions.
I disagree with this, at least in the USA. check with your sales rep. the M-sport suspension, without the DHP package added, is a plane jane "regular" passive suspension without any "active" anything. the only benefit of M-sport package suspension wise is that is has an optional "sport" suspension that is firmer all the time (i.e., not adaptive or adjustable at all). let's not confuse the comfort and sport switching of the drivetrain (tranny and steering) with adaptive suspension. if you had an adaptive or active suspension, you would be able to set the suspension (comfort, sport or sport plus) separately or in conjunction with the drivetrain (comfort, sport or sport plus) in the I-Drive settings. if you can't do this, you don't have any active or adaptive suspension whatsoever.

also, I still have yet to see a car equiped with M-sport ONLY (with no DHP package added) that has the adaptive dampers, evidenced by the protruding cylinders with conenctions. if anyone has seen this, please post and i'll eat my words.

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