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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
What does that mean? "Can adjust, but not to the road conditions" type thinking. They are either the active (DDC) or not.

There is either the passive damper setup, no user adjustment whatsoever, or the DDC with full active damping.

Where does the idea come from there is an intermediate damping setup in a BMW?

Your USA configurator is clear, as highlighted in postings above, DHP adds the DDC feature, if not added you simply have passive damping.

In the US, driver adjustable dampers come with the Sport Activity and M-sport packages; in this application, the dampers do not adapt to road conditions. Along with the Dynamic Handling Package, the dampers are both driver adjustable AND adaptive to road conditions.

Driver adjustable meaning they can be stiffened by the driver in car. They are NOT passive just not "auto"