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Originally Posted by halfalife View Post
Hi, I've have a 2.0 D Auto for 10 weeks, and after 2000 miles have only returned an average of 36mpg. These miles have been been driven mostly by my wife who is a stick to the speed limit type of gal.
Does anyone else feel slightly aggrieved that BMW keep quoting 50.4 mpg for this engine ??? Do they live in the real world ???
I know car manufacturers tend to exaggerate the mpg claims, but this is way off !
I feel ever so slightly peeved off with these numbers, it takes the shine away from a great car.
Anyone else getting similar returns ?
On my 35d, I'm regularly getting about 37 mpg (7.5 - 7.6L/100km) on autobahn and traffic, and I tend to have a lead foot.

You might want to check the tire pressure as they always seem to not put enough at the dealer.

Also HighlandPete is right concerning the "smaller engine big car" thing. I would imagine that it would be the worst in traffic and at high speeds, when the motor has to deal with the weight and/or wind resistance.