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lbjgh is correct. In the US, the ONLY way to add the dynamic dampers (that continually adjust and the dirver can select suspension firmness from comfort, sport, etc) is to add the dynamic handling package and fork over the $1300 bucks.

Judd: "In the US, driver adjustable dampers come with the Sport Activity and M-sport packages; in this application, the dampers do not adapt to road conditions. Along with the Dynamic Handling Package, the dampers are both driver adjustable AND adaptive to road conditions. Without the Sports Activity or M-sport package, the Dynamic Handling Package alone includes dampers that are both driver adjustable and adaptive to road conditions."

this is slightly incorrect. the the Sport Activity and M-sport packages on their own do not come with dampers that adjust at all. they come the plain jane regular dampers (except the M-sport has an optional "Sport" passive suspension). as noted above, the only way in the Us to get adjustable dampers of any kind is to order the dynamic handling package for an extra $1300, even if combined with M-sport or Sports Activity.

and to the OP, yes, it is most definitely worth the $1300 bucks. check the box and move on. it gives you 3 cars in 1.
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