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Originally Posted by sfax
Originally Posted by BMWrules7 View Post
You can't repair a run flat.


There is no safety mechanism to keep track if the number of miles run while flat.

Anyone that repairs a run flat does not understand them.
It's a bit of a grey area. I don't think it's impossible to ascertain the internal damage but many repair centres refuse to repair them because they can't be sure and they don't want to be sued should something happen. The AA (motoring organisation here in the UK) have this to say:

Repairing run-flats
It is a basic principle of tyre repair that the repairer must inspect the tyre internally to check that it is safe to repair.

The repairer will consider the damage and condition of the tyre taking into account rules laid down in the appropriate standard (BS AU159f). These cover the position of the puncture in the tyre and the presence/extent of any secondary damage - damage that has occurred as a result of running in a deflated condition.

By definition, run-flat tyres are likely to have been driven 'flat' at speed for a considerable distance and this must be taken into account when considering the possibility of a repair.

The construction of run-flat tyres can make it difficult for the repairer to identify any secondary damage. This means that even though Run-flat repair kits are available to the trade, many repairers may be reluctant or simply refuse to repair a puncture in a run-flat tyre.
I think you're taking a risk if you get one repaired because of the potential damage cuased by running the tyre whilst flat (regardless of where and how the actual puncture occurred)
The only reason it is a gray area is because BMW or its dealer network never took any initiative to explain run flats can't be repaired.

I think whatever savings ASS gives the world, if any, is more than offset by the environmental impact of discarding a run flat tire prematurely due to puncture.

Jesus, used tires are already a huge environmental problem and run flats only compound the problem.

The mere concept of tires is stupidly out of date in this day and age. Tires require roads with contiguous continuity in order for four toast-size patches to function. Plus. It's stupid that the vehicles' tires have to make contact with the surface of the road all the way from point a to point b.

Yes, you heard it here, I am proposing that we abandon tires in favor of hydraulic legs. You will never get a flat, you won't need brakes, and all you need is to replace your cars' sneakers every 20,000 miles. Yep, your car will use Nike instead of Goodyear if I had my way!!!