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Originally Posted by Max3Factor
First experience on the weekend. 220 miles from home on Saturday morning. Started the car after an overnight stop and got the tyre pressure warning. Checked and found rear tyre flat with a large screw thread buried.

Then the stress of run flats became apparent. Several phone calls and could not locate a shop that would attempt a repair - not even interested in looking at it. Started getting quotes for a Pirelli P Zero 245/50 R18 100w ranging upwards from 275 and told they could not get it in until Monday/Tuesday. BMW dealer 30 miles away had one in stock at 345.
Tried one last phone call to a small loacl shop and they said bring it along. Car handled fine at 40mph the 5 miles up the road. Two guys agreed they could make a safe repair. The full length of the screw below was buried and luckily was pointing in away from the edge of the tyre making it "just repairable".

Job done for 12
You can't repair a run flat.


There is no safety mechanism to keep track if the number of miles run while flat.

Anyone that repairs a run flat does not understand them.