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Originally Posted by research View Post
both my mechanic and BMW sales guy said to me that if I\m in a market for a 4x4 bmw to by E83 as it is the most reliable BMW from late models. It has very cheap suspension and parts are tried and tested.

Later I read a review on it which listed all the issues and in the end said the car is super reliable for its age, price etc.

Problem areas as others too said>

- blocked drains means water in car, check carpets to be dry!
- failing springs *esp on cars used on poor roads
- gearbox software glitch which means bad uphill performance
- turbos that fail on diesels
- water gets to headlight washer motors

In Europe, a 2l diesel with manual is considered the best and most reliable car to buy from BMWs I\ve seen in most magazines.
Thanks for the heads up on this, research. Looks like you've done your HW as well

My BMW mechanic said these cars are pretty bulletproof. the only area where he sees problems -- are with the transfer cases. Typically, he said the TC's fail because the owner tows boats/trailers -- which this car really isn't meant to do. Other than that, minimal electrical problems -- it seems the electrical components are the same as it's e46 counter parts.

Overall, no issues thus far :knock on wood:

The only thing I need to get used to is gas mileage. I've been getting 24mpg on my e90 n52 (combined city/hwy), and i'm getting 17mpg on my e83. But, this isn't a big deal as i know i'm not driving a leaf lol.