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BMW's X models contribute a lot of sales and at the end of the day stretch the company's profits . X1 is Europes best selling SUV model and is a huge success and now that is spreading to the US where the car has gone on sale.

If you perform as a strategist to determine what you would have in the brand then you have to take into consideration the important factors.
One being Demand for crossover and SUV's are growing globally.
Sports cars are declining aswell as luxury sedans.

The new X3 has surpassed all expectations and whilst in its twilight years the X5 still performs well at a global sales level.

The BMW X6 has stretched BMW's global appeal and is responsible for the surge in global markets such as China , Brazil , Russia and the Middle East.

Even if you consider the MINI Countryman it has surpassed the MINI to become the best selling MINI model globally.
The new MINI Paceman is the MINI that will turn heads due to its very stylish appearance.

The new X4 extends that sportier aspect to the premium entry segment bring everything from the X6 including the sportier aspect to a lower segment.
BMW know that the X4 will be up against a Porsche so the brief is to make the X4 as competitive as possible. It is no use lying down because the car uses an Audi chassis especially when Porsche has publically berated the Q5 chassis and announced they had to re-engineer to become suitable for the Macan.

What comes next?
The premium luxury sedan globally is in decline , whereas the luxury SUV is market is growing. BMW do not see the RR brand being the aesthetic choice for a luxury SUV and feel the BMW brand is more suitable for such a concept.

The next generation BMW X1 moves to the FWD architecture and will spawn a baby X2 model for the first time.

The next phase of Crossover extends to both MINI and BMW with the MINI Paceman XL and BMW's FAST crossover-MPV-Touring-SAV-Coupe hybrid which actually is intended for the customer who misses the utilarian look of the E83 X3 as some customers have explained the current model looks too desirable to use offroad.
Step 1.