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Old advice for RWD vehicles was rotate, balance and align at certain km intervals - let's say every 10 000km. My vehicle had a 24 000 km service yesterday. The dealer marked on the sheet that all tyres had 60% thread left. I do rotate front to back and vice versa every 8000km/5000 miles - but do it myself. Did not do any balancing or alignment though. Theoretically then the German made Dunlop tyres should last till 60 000km +/-. Never experienced handling problems or unequal wear. I suspect the normal 60/40 traction delivery (rear to front) and the additional steering stress handled by the front would theoretically be the reason for the official BMW stance. But then I also pressurize with nitrogen to 0.2 Bar above recommended levels. In our high ambient temperature I like the tyres to run as cool as possible - achieved by last 2 measures. My 2 cents...