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Originally Posted by Kiernan View Post
I think it's a recent USA/elsewhere thing, in that cars destined for the USA still have the forth button, but the rest of the world just has the lock, unlock and boot buttons. With sfax having a relatively early build, this expalins why he has the diamond button.

On my car, which is an August 2012 build, I have comfort access, powered bootlid, folding mirrors and xenons, and I have the 3 buttons mentioned above.
Why remove this feature for non USA bound cars? Saves a per pence/cents on the car costs? I presume all the electrics are still in the car to support the 4th button. I wonder if the electrics are still in the fob (just the button removed?). I can get the back off my key, but don't want to break it in two to see the PCB.

Maybe BMW think you should be using your phone app to flash the lights, unless you've got the Android version which is