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Thought this was a done issue, but three visits to the dealer, and the TPM malfunction persists. First time I brought it in, they said it was due to low tire pressure (tires were inflated to recommended PSI, but whatever). Second time I brought it in for the same issue, they said it was due to a faulty sensor, which they fixed. As I was driving off, the TPM malfunction indicator came on. I brought it in for the third time that weekend. They kept the car for over a week and said they had to reinitialize the TPM system. Drove fine for a couple of days, and then it came back. Now it's going off every 30 seconds. Very distracting, and a bit disconcerting given that my wife doesn't know whether there's anything wrong with the car. What makes matters worse is that she drives our 9-month old to day care.

Has anyone experienced anything similar to this? Not sure why it's taking so many trips to the dealership to get this problem fixed once and for all. Love the car when it's not chiming every 30 seconds...