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The reasons for the X4 purely lie in why the BMW X6 is a success.

Not everybody in the markets where the X6 has been more successful such as China, Brazil. The Middle East and Russia can afford the X6 and despite the car being almost five years old it still sells in large numbers even pre-owned X6 is in demand.

The concept of the X4 is purely to downsize the X6 and make it more accessible to a wider range of customers without sacrificing true sport activity coupe appearance.

The potential for an X4M is again down to the success of the X6M , In China Middle East and Russia - Key important markets for growth. The X6M is the best selling M car. Leaving the potential of an X4M far too great to ignore.

The potential of the concept of the X6 is not lost on our competitors and their eye for growth as many X6 derived competitors are heading to the market.

The next line of Sport Activity Coupe beginning with the next X6 and X4 will show distinctive differences in their front and rear styling from the X3 and X5, allowing the X4 and x6 to stand out more , even though they are relatively the same vehicle underneath. Both X4 and X6 will also distinguish themeselves with further sportier handling and updated Dynamic performance control to showcase their sportier abilities.

The X4 will arrive in 2014 with the X6 following a year later in 2015.

This render gives you an idea of the X4's more distinctive appearance from the X3 and also its more sportier dynamic outline, keen to show the competition that BMW created the concept of a Premium Sport Activity Coupe.
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