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Originally Posted by 宝马.e90
Originally Posted by SamS View Post
I don't think an X4 would have any more "volume" sales than the X6 does. Just like the X3 and X5 are the more conservative styling (and pricing) for the masses. The X4 can fill a niche, but that's about it. I bet it will be cool.
Do we have any hints as to what chassis it will be derived from? I can't imagine it being a brand new chassis. Like you said, it will only be a niche vehicle but will probably help BMW develop future engines if the X4 is built at low cost through shared underpinnings. I could see it being very similar to the X1 (which I think is relatively cheap for what you actually get in a vehicle).
It says there in the article that it's based on the x3 platform/chassis