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Originally Posted by Robocheme
My son is thinking about getting a used 328, 250i Lexus or an Audi A4. We've seen ads on AutoTrader for cars that look pretty nice, but we don't know how flexible is the pricing? Is Kelly Blue Book retail a good price or can we expect something lower than that?

When we bought our X3, the dealer told us that they mark up the price about 2K$ to sell it as Certified. Do you think that it's worth it?

When you buy a new car, you can pretty much count on a consistent experience and a consistent product.

Do not confuse this truism when shifting to a used car. No two used cars a alike. The used car dealer wants to pretend that you will have a consistent experience. But, it is virtually impossible.

So, treat the purchase of a used car as a unique experience. You have to really dig in and ask the right questions in order to get a good car.

Remember, it is far more important to buy a good used car than it is to get a good deal. A great deal on a piece of crap car is far worse than getting suckered and paying more than you should have for an otherwise good car.

Car dealers know how to size you up. So, this is a topic where you should really bring someone with you that is expert.