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Speaker question!

Okay so just picked up a 2005 X3 and want to upgrade the sound, spoke to the dealer on the phone apparently I have the standard speaker set up and no upgrade options available

Will be purchasing the BSW stage 1 upgrade but I have a few questions .

Can the UK X3 actually hold the 8 speakers provided by BSW? I have reduced the bass and turned up the treble and I can tell there are no rear tweets but BSW tell me most x3s don't I'm just wondering if the holes actually there for them as the rear speaker grille is much smaller than the front.

The USA spec x3 speak of underseat 8inchers mine does not have this and I don't think the holes are there is this true??

Are the speakers hooked up to amp or straight to the head unit? And If amped can I just buy the Harman Becker amp from the premium sound model on ebay and fit it plug and play and get more power??

Thanks guys