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Thanks for the reply... I have the non xenon package, by mistake actually.

The purchase happened pretty sudden when we found out it was going to cost $6-8k for maintaining our old 325 in the next 12 months (trade in value at $9500 at the time). It made sense to trade in to the same dealership who said they would waive the 90k miles service fee of $800 that's already performed on the car.

It was a hot day and I had a late night working... Talked to the dealer and finally found the right interior color combination. Dealer said it was fully loaded except comfort access (actually he said none of the cars in his lot had comfort access). Well got the car happy and few days later when I was about to drive it at night I realized it was no xenon...!!!!! Darn it!!!! I would never save money on HID!!! Later on I found out comfort access actually goes to the same package as Xenon, called convenient package priced at only $1200....

Anyway now I feel even more resentful at myself when the tail light is even uglier and less functional (safety concern) just because I bought the car too fast without all the fact checking....!!!

At the dealership that day, Wife said she didn't care about comfort access and few weeks later she was like, how come I can't open the door like you do to your M3. I was like, you said you didn't want comfort access... She was like, I didn't even know what it was....

Anyway, lesson learned and will do triple fact checking the next time. I did save $1200 for something less desirable.... But based on how BMW is packaging all the options, and with its subpar service experience I have had with the M3, I would say my heart with go with MBenz or Audi next time....