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Originally Posted by Mingstar88 View Post
omg that look so how can i get this done up here in Canada
If you want it exactly the same you'll have to plan a road trip - otherwise just find a high-end stereo shop in your area and bring your checkbook.

Originally Posted by mge.92 View Post
Sick now I wish I could upgrade my audio ... How much did it cost you?
A setup like this, including labor for install (depending on the shop of course) will cost around $5500.

Originally Posted by philtrick123 View Post
Slightly off post- but with a basic audio system x3 is there is a speaker installed under the top of the dashboard grill? I was playing some music the other day and put my hand over the grill and could feel nothing. Is this location used for the BMW audio upgrades?
This is actually interesting. I always thought because I had the most basic stereo that I just had a grille there for cosmetic purposes and no speaker, but after working on it I can say there is definitely a speaker there - it just plays very quietly under normal circumstances. When we were working on the wiring we found wiring in the harness for the center, and we fired it up with none of the other speakers attached and it was making noise. We ended up leaving it unhooked in the new system.

Originally Posted by Radioactive View Post
ReturnZero-Thanks for posting on here and Flickr. Now I don't have to take off the doors! Some comments and questions...

Doesn't really matter if the woofer cone is inverted or not. The sound waves are produced each way, but out of phase to each other.

After reviewing your pictures I couldn't tell for sure if the oem speakers were mounted to the door interior panels (like my E60) or to the door. Which is it? Either way was there enough room for the adapter plate without modifications?

I know about the inverted cone, was mostly just commenting on how they packaged everything together. I thought it was pretty cool.

The door speakers are unlike all the E series BMWs, and are bolted directly to the door and not the panel. The front doors needed minor modification, namely turning the bolts around that hold the speaker to the adapter ring. The rears needed quite a bit more work, you can see in the Flickr album where we had to cut up the rings quite a bit - those are the rears. Everything still fit, it was only the acrylic ring that needed modification.