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Originally Posted by lbjgh View Post
Nop. It is because the J-K cars work well and don't break.

It is very easy for manufacturers to get on the top ten/twenty list... build good product. It is that simple.

My car prior to my X3 was a Honda Accord and nothing broke or failed in 8+ years and 230K kms... nothing Add gas, change the oil and brakes and the car never failed.

If BMW builds cars that way they'd make the list too.
Well lbigh, if this was 1987 when I bought a Toyota pickup truck for just that reason and drove it 150K with only things that are supposed to go wrong going wrong- Motor Seal at 90K like clockwork, hydraulic clutch seals 2X- then I'd agree with you without a second thought. But the concept that J-K cars are trouble free and all others are buckets of bolts has been front page news in the auto industry for 25 years. Huge efforts have been made to end that notion. The Explorer that I just put 180K on has been trouble free except for things that are expected to wrong- clutch, its a manual, minor door handle type things, etc-
I've only just subscribed to CR this month so I don't know how things work with them getting input on repair frequency. But if the sales sharks I've met at Toyota dealerships have anything to do with reporting on repairs to CR then I'd suspect the numbers are padded. Just purely speculation on my part.
If it's all fair and square then you'd have to choose option #1, that other car makers are inept.