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Originally Posted by RichardBR View Post
Jerking is gone after changing from summer to winter setup. I swithed to winter setup 8 days ago, and I can almost say the issue is gone. It's very strange. I have the 369M staggered 19" wheels on my summer setup, and have standard 17" 305 wheels on winter.

If the problem is the staggered 369M's, why would BMW deliver these?
Could it be the tyres? Have the factory default PZero's on the 369M's and have Nokian Hakkapelitta on the 305's.

Or is it just a coincidense?
It was just a coincidense about the tires. Today, the jerking was back in full. Probably just a few days break because of the cold weather...

Which makes me think that it is outside temperature related?

On cold days (below 0C) = No jerking
Above 0C = Jerking

Any thoughts?