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Would you Adam and Eve it? A pin prick hole in each tyre at almost EXACTLY the same point. No nail or screw embedded in the tyre. The holes were on the top of the tread (not the grooves in between). It is like I have driven over a spike or something which was anchored to the road.

Anyhoo, had I followed BMW's gunk and compressor route I would now be looking for two new tyres! each having completed only 1017 miles!

Friendly repair dudes, 25 fixed, balanced and fitted. Great bunch of lads...who with more than 20 years in the business btw hadnt ever seen the like.

I must try to drive different routes for a while so I dont run over whatever it was again.

I think I can discount sabbotage, for if it were they would have went for the side wall or at least the groove part of the tread where it would be thinner and easier to penetrate.