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Originally Posted by MattUK View Post
Managed to get a nail in one of my rear tyres today, Conti Sport contact 3. I have BMW tyre insurance, but I've called a couple of dealers and they both say that there are none of these tyres available anywhere.

I've yet to call non dealers yet, because the claim would be straight forward via the dealer, but if they cannot get them and are suggesting I change to a Dunlop then I really need to change both. However, the price of these tyres at BMW is ridiculous at 413.00 when Black Circles lists them at 262.

Another option is to just stick a set of winter wheels on from the dealer, and sort out the summer tyre when they are available, again very expensive considering I never intended to switch to them.

Anyone else had problems?

I will call some normal tyre places tomorrow to see if they can source them and then maybe complete a claim form and see if they refund me.. but at the prices BMW want, I can get both tyres for the cost of single tyre so if the claim was rejected for any reason, I wouldn't get screwed by the dealer prices.

Can't you just plug the hole in the tyre? If it's just a nail every dealer should be able to fix that for a sum of 50-80 $

Done this a couple of times with previous cars even runflats. Lasts as long as the tire.