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I know it's been a while but seeming no one has replied, i'll try and be of help.

We got a 2010 factory order model, so we had a choice of what we could order. Spent a few days considering on what we wanted and went looking at a lot of second hand models to see the best colour/exterior options....

I found that if you go for the SE, the running boards make hell of a difference to the looks, it makes the car look more 4x4 like and wider rather than tall and narrow. Personally I liked the black in the SE as it goes well with black trim. In regards to the sports seats, ours doesn't have them but the standard ones hold you pretty well. I'd agree on the Sport steering wheel though, one thing we should have ordered.

In regards to the M-Sport while the colour coded bumpers and the sport package are nice we didn't think it suited the car as well. It made it look really tall and narrow, however it's everyone to their own. However I do think that the Space Grey suited the M-Sport better, and i've seen a few White ones round here that look good in M-Sport.

One thing I'd suggest is try to find one with the Pano Roof, we didn't get this and I really wished we had, even though it's a 1000+ option in the UK.