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Run Flats cost an arm and a legs compared to normal rubber, but they definitely work; less than 2 months after buying the car, iDrive kept bugging me that "a tire" (all damn tires were yellow) had a flat. I checked them all and 2 were low, so I inflated. 1 week later same thing, but this time 1 specific tire was low, but still couldn't find a damn nail, so reinflated thinking it might be a valve slow leak; sprayed water, looked everywhere and STILL couldn't find a damn thing...

The weekend after I'm back in my home town, 300KMs away... ~75KMs from the nearest BMW and waking up in the morning I literally see a flat tire in the driveway lol. Called roadside, flatbed came, 75KMs to Brossard BMW, and they showed me where the culprit was... small nail with a broken off head that had inbeded itself in the wear mark which pretty much perfectly hid the nail... no wonder I couldn't find it.

They patched it up and ~20000KMs after it's still going strong. Had a second nail in another tire about 4 months ago, but this time I found it instantly, so I drove to the nearest tire shop and they were able to patch it up no problem for 10$! (and that was ~3000KMs ago).

TL;DR version: two nails, two different tires, plugged easily and tires still holding up great!