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Originally Posted by Bmwlvr60 View Post
Anything's possible, but doubtful with CR. Nobody would want to take those people anywhere.

The Car Magazine people all get together with the car manufacturers at events: introduction of new models, car shows, etc. And more importantly they accept advertising from the the very companies they're supposed to be writing objective reviews about. It's much more plausible that these folks are more corruptible than CR.

I totally agree that I definitely value the opinions of people in these forums than anywhere else- that's why I read the threads. You folks are very helpful!
You must also keep in mind that the relative number of people participating on automotive forums is small in comparison to the actual number of people who actually own/lease/drive the cars from a given manufacturer. Often times you will notice with some exceptions, that the types of people who participate on automotive forums are:

1) enthusiasts (objective appreciation for all makes)

2) FanBois ( often biased for a particular brand/make)

3) people who have issues (pissed off due to problems experienced with a particular brand/make who want to vent as well as seeking resolution)


4) people looking for general information about a given make/manufacturer.

Many people simply go on word of mouth and/or what is published in the automotive periodicals - Consumer Reports included. Personally, I think the blogsphere can provide objective reviews as well as online sites like Edmunds/Inside line.

The best approach is to conduct your own due diligence utilizing all available media outlets to make an informed decision. Not a Bad thing

IMHO: with regards to the F25 X3 - since this is an X3 forum, it is an excellent buy that appeals to a broad spectrum of folks. Is it perfect, no? But I think it is the best intermediate/mid-size crossover on the market right now.
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