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Originally Posted by Bmwlvr60
I have to tell you folks that I'm always skeptical with most reviews I read. I'm especially skeptical of the ones in magazines that receive huge revenues from the car companies in the form of advertising.

So a plausible scenario Is the following: a writer for Road and Track or one of the other car magazines is invited to a cocktail party for the introduction of a new model car. He's wined and dined by car manufacturer's executives. Maybe there are some females there who flirt with the writer and it's a fun day for the writer. He gets to test drive the new model, eat some high quality food and hang out with some powerful people and beautiful women. In the meanwhile the advertising department at R&T has already collected money from the car manufacturer for advertising- lots of money.

Do you think it's possible that the writer may be influenced by the goings on that day? Do you think that it's possible that the advertising department who's going to place an ad in the very same magazine or electronic version of the magazine that the writer's review will appear may have some influence over the writer? Do you think that the writer would like to be invited back to an event in the future and is concerned that if he's too critical he won't be?

I'm involved in marketing, and also in politics. The unethical ways people conduct themselves AT TIMES is very disappointing.

I absolutely don't think my scenerio is the norm, but I KNOW it can happen.

I mostly rely on Consumer Reports for car reviews and secondly on people on these forums. You people are great! I love all the back and forth and objective and subjective commentary based on your love of cars and research.

I think the geeky, liberal, pink panty wearing guys who used to get their lunch stolen every day in high school, losers at Consumer Reports who couldn't get laid with a wad of 100 dollar bills at a whorehouse, are much more reliable than all the other car magazines combined. And the liberal women who work at CR who wear comfortable shoes and aren't even attractive enough for those same guys are equally reliable. They don't accept any advertising and that's all you mostly need to know about them. Oh, and they have a state of the art testing facility and buy all the cars they test secretly.

LOL, I truly look forward to your replies.
Well, I think it was Consumer Reports that labeled the e39 5 series "the best car ever" or words to similar effect. I had to agree with that famous article.

But, politics and favoritism can invade all aspects in life from whore houses to white houses.

We tend to elevate the credibility of a source when that source goes to great lengths to convey its neutrality.

But, in the end, we are all humans subject to the frailties thereof.

That's why it is always best to consult multiple sources and draw your own conclusions.

I mean really, there are idiots out there that still claim Android devices are better than Apple. But, it's these very losers that, in the face of irrefutable objective evidence, will still go out and buy the inferior products ---such as an Android based phone or a Microsoft Windows Computer.

These very same idiots will still swear by Android, Windows or even ASS no matter how many articles tell them how inferior these products or features are. And, these idiots are not corner cases, they actually exist in large numbers.

But, these idiots are a necessary evil because the companies that make these inferior products end up keeping people employed. So, this flaw in the Darwinian Cycle is not entirely for the worst after all.

Ps: the last part was tongue in cheek. So, don't get your panties in a twist.