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Originally Posted by saggo View Post
Thanks to April1 my coding 'kit' arrived today.

The install batch file supplied on the USB stick worked faultlessly as does e-sys on my old MS Vista laptop. Thus far I've successfully coded my X3 as follows:

DVD in motion.
Reverse camera in motion. (The kids like it!)
Welcome lights fade up instead of instant on, also enabled low beam HID's to come on with welcome lights too since our village doesn't have street lights.
Increased the wash before wipe delay to 300 msec from default 200 msec to get a bit more washer fluid on the glass before it's wiped away.
Added menu to change performance display units so that I can have good old fashioned horsepower and lb/ft!.
High beam assist to default ON.
Start/Stop setting memory.
Enabled Traffic info over DAB for navigation system. I assume the traffic data is ordinarily received via FM since TI_DAB_TMS was inactive.

All modified functions tested working OK with the possible exception of Traffic on DAB, I can see live traffic info via iDrive though I'm not sure if I should assume my mod has made any difference!

I had a play around with Speed Limit Display. My car has high beam assist camera and I managed to get the speed limit icon in the info display (red circle on white background) though the actual limit did not appear (just "--" in the centre of the symbol) despite driving past several speed limit signs. At one point I lost the BC display, only the current time was visible and the BC button on the stalk stopped working - the entire area of the display where the fuel economy gauge is positioned disappeared too. At this point I chickened out and reverted things back to standard in the Kombi and de-activated SPEEDLIMIT_INFO in HU_CIC any thoughts anyone?

Thanks again to april1.
Wow, you could do so much just in a day. Well done.