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The Beeping will only happen within 1ft of your bumper which is not that frequent...and btw all Benz is setup that way.... and i only need to turn it off when it become noise vs now I have to hit park sensor button when i need it... too many things to turn on when i just want to focus parking. I am not sure how often in Europe you park your car with "front in", but in North America, that's 90% chance and the front sensor can help u gauge the distance between the car in front ! If a car come with back bumper sensor only, it will Auto turn on with transmission in "R", why not Front Sensor if u driving in low speed (< 10km) ? I believe Lexus's setup is same as Benz and ONLY BMW is special

Btw,, can the Top View + Back View show same time on the screen (Spit Screen) ? I know infiniti cars can do that...

I like my X3 a lot and this is one thing makes me feel annoying,,,

We all pay $ for extra features to enjoy ! I wish it can read my mind and don't need driver to remember all those extra features, then need to hit all those buttons/idrive to use it.... BMW = Ultimate Driving Machine.

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