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Originally Posted by Bmwlvr60 View Post
Can you describe the "subtle quality of the ride" DHP adds in greater detail? What do the Dynamic Dampers do? Thanks again.

I don't know if it's deception or carelessness on BMW's part, but I've never seen a more confusing package option for a car in my entire life. I called BMW's customer support and the woman was clueless. She said I should speak to a salesperson at the dealer about this- the sales people all describe this different ways!
Well, judging ride quality is subjective, of course. I think the best way to describe it is you get three levels of refinement. Comfort gives a nice, compliant ride and easy steering. Sport gives a firmer ride, stiffer steering and higher throttle and shift points. Sport+ turns the car into a beast and everything gets much more aggressive. IMO, you just get a more stable, solid, but not jarring ride and you can select the mode depending on your preference and the road and driving conditions. Non-DHP is certainly a decent ride, but you get one setting that is somewhat firm. There are many on this board that prefer non-DHP and for good reason -- BMW has done a fabulous job of making the X3's ride one of the best in the business. DHP just adds more choice, more versatility and that little 'extra' when it comes to ride quality. I like to drive in Sport and my wife likes the ride in Comfort -- we can both be happy!

I agree with others that the marketing of this feature is really poorly done. It needs to be much more clear to buyers what the option is, what you get and why you would want it. I was able to test drive cars with and without the option, so making that comparison made the choice easier.