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Is anyone had same issue, when you start driving on 1200-1500 rpm car or transmission shakes, in the moment when I start acceleration, but very very slowly.
I got it too. I have the 30d engine and it's very noticeable both in comfort and sport. My car was built February 2012. I first noticed this after 3500km. Now after 17000km it's worse than ever.

Had the dealer look at it a few weeks ago but they said they wouldn't upgrade to the latest software because BMW found a bug in it. The did not know anything more about when a fix is due.
I have a 3.0D x3, 2012. I have recently had my engine software updated. It was changed on September 18 after experiencing jerkiness at low rpms. Much improved afterwards but still some very subtle jerkiness from time to time and not every day. Dealer suspected EGR problems and changed valve parameters in the EGR in addition to changing a air mass sensor.

What sw version do you refer to?
Don't know the SW version. They showed me an internal e-mail about it. Will certainly call them and ask if there are new software.

211hk or 258?