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Thanks for your reply, Shawn.

So, I don't need to move any CAF files before reading VO & VCM? Simply CODE the ECU will bring everything back to default?


Originally Posted by shawnsheridan View Post
Do not change the Drop Down, change the Werte Value below it. Right click on it (00) and select Edit in the bottom window, change 00 to FF, and then in the upper right corner of that same bottom window, hit the save icon (or Ctrl-Enter I think), then save the NCD, back up and FDL Code it.

You can use your .ncd files by right-clicking on the ECU and selecting add or insert, and the selecting the corresponding .ncd file, and then FDL Coding the ECU.

However, the easiest thing to do (assuming you have not modified your VO in any way) is to simply Read you VO, Read VCM, and then highlight each ECU one at at time, Right-Click on it and select CODE. This "VO Coding" (as opposed to "FDL Coding") will restore each ECU to it's as delivered condition.