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Question My recent canadian service


I recently took my 2013 28i X3 into service due to a low coolant light warning (@14k km). So I thought I would ask the advisor to do the following:

- Update ASS so to store "last use" setting --> Advisor respond saying specifically BMW has instructed them not to do update for X3. so negative nothing can be done

- I have seen warning "Chassis Stabalization Malfunction" twice, so I asked the advisor to see if they can pull history and see whats wrong ---> advisor said they ran a check and everything is ok (the ran a maintenance scope/reset CBS... that's what it said on invoice)

- Asked if the sport mode can be program to last use ---> respond no.... this is probably the only one I agree

As side question to the forum here:

- I believe there is no close trunk from key fob is this right?
- The parktronics seems to sometimes work and sometimes don't. Sometimes it will not show distance after I parked . Is this because it only activates itself at low speed.... and yes I sometimes park fast with head in .
- Also does the headlight suppose to swivel.... never seen that happen... think my C300 is more obvious

Thanks in advance ... I am located in Toronto.