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Originally Posted by Ashtangi View Post
Hi all,

Apologies for resurrecting this thread - but I'm about to start dealing on a new 35i. However, I'm looking for a few specific options and color/trim, so it will most likely need to be ordered. How do the deals change when you take one from existing inventory vs. build to order?

Obviously the dealer would prefer to unload something they have on the lot, but is getting 6% off MSRP still somewhat reasonable for an order?

Many thanks.
Sounds like most of us were able to get about 6% off. But, bear in mind we all ordered when supply was extremely limited. There was no such thing as X3s on the lot, and dealers were selling allocations 3-4 months ahead.

I've heard that there's much better availability nowadays, so I'd try and push for a bit more.