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Inside wear

I have the same problem on the P7's with uneven wear on the fronts. The inside edge on both is feathered and cupped and if you run the palm of your hand around the inside edge there are some areas that seem to be lower, or flat-spotted compared to the rest of the inside edge. This results in a very annoying thumping ride noise. The noise is almost unnoticed if the tires are rotated to the rear. The dealer says this is the result of poor maintenance (tire pressure and alignment), while an independent tire dealer says "all BMW's do that". Anyhow very poor results for 20,000 km of non-aggressive driving. Remember that the Pirelli's have road hazard coverage (at least in North America) so create some "road hazard" damage and get the tire replaced at an adjusted for wear price, if you want to try the P7's again.