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It's finally here!

Originally Posted by saggo View Post
Interesting. So they off-load all of the US built cars bound for the UK in Bremerhaven, get them through European customs, prep them then load them back onto a ship for the journey to the UK.
I've been trying to track the movement of ships (and hopefully my car) assuming that a particular car is carried on the same ship throughout its entire journey from the USA to Southampton - it appears that might not necessarily be the case since I'm sure the customs clearance / prep process in Bremerhaven might take longer than the original ship is in dock.

I guess my tracking activities where a total waste of time and I still don't know exactly where my car is...i assumed that if its going to be at the dealers by the middle of next week it must be in the UK by now though if all of the prep was done en-route in Germany then it might not necessarily be here yet.

My wife says its only a car and I should just relax and wait for next Wednesday but that's easy for her to say, what does she know anyhow???
Went to the dealers this morning for an update on my delivery date. Told that the car is in the UK and will be at the dealers by the end of the week...not sure which day though. Not exactly what I wanted to hear.

Just as we where leaving guess what turned up? - the car transporter with my car on the top deck!

Picking it up Wednesday morning

Must get the 18's off and a set of nice 369M's on (I'm fitting winter tyres to the standard 18" rims)

Will post pics on Wednesday.
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